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  • What do I need to bring with my dog?
    When staying with us, either as a day boarder or overnight, we provide our dog friends with fresh hygienic bedding, food and plenty of exercise. You can choose to bring with you your dogs own food if your prefer, bedding (But not duvets or bean bags) and toys. You'll need to bring with you: - Any medication clearly labeled - Vaccination certificates (Updated within the last 12 months) - Lead.
  • Does my dog need to be vaccinated?
    We ask that all dogs come with their vaccination certificate (Updated within the last 12 months). We may refuse your dog if this can not be presented in order to protect our other guests. We also advise all guests are vaccinated against Kennel Cough a minimum of 3 weeks prior to their stay with us. As the vaccine is "Live" it may infect other animals during the incubation period of approximately 10 days.
  • My dog is on medication, can they still board?"
    Yes. We will administer medication in line with your guidance, and ask that you ensure we have enough medication for their entire stay (And to account for any delays). We are also able to administer diabetic medication. A surcharge may apply for certain medications, that are required at timed intervals. Please discuss your requirements with us when booking in.
  • What is included in your boarding charges?
    Our charges include boarding, food, insurance and VAT. Additional surcharges may be made for medication requirements, Winter, Christmas and New Year bookings.
  • What is covered by your insurance?
    All of our guests are covered by our Kennel Insurance, Pet Plan Sanctuary, which covers any accident or injury, should it be deemed that we have caused the accident or illness. Our insurance does not cover any pre-existing conditions or if something happens to your animal which is out side of our contol.
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